HIMAYA - Cyber Threat Intelligence Collaboration
The UAE Banks Federation, in association with Al-Iktissad Wal-Aamal Co., hosted HIMAYA UAE, Cyber Threat Intelligence Collaboration, on December 11th 2017 at the Conrad Hotel in Dubai.

The forum gathered more than 100 information security and cybersecurity experts from various financial institutions in UAE and the region. It featured a number of internationally-acclaimed speakers who shared their views on recent and future developments in the cyber security landscape.

Discussions focused on the enormous challenges facing banking and financial services sector, stressing on the importance of cooperation and information sharing to fight the growing menace of cyber threats, while at the same time urging banks to make proactive investments in cybersecurity and to incorporate it into the design of new products and services from the outset.

HIMAYA addressed the key aspects of UBF-ISAC which was launched last September with the aim of enhancing cybersecurity intelligence among UBF member banks, through the interpretation of the ever-growing amount of threat data available to organizations from internal and third-party sources.

The forum also tackled the importance of regulations & legislations in enhancing cyber security in the banking industry. HIMAYA was concluded by highlighting the significance of such industry events in keeping up with the pace of growing cyber security challenges.

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