Customer Charter

The UAE Banking Federation is theprofessional body representingbanks operating in the UAE, which seeks to promote growth and raise standards in the banking and financial services industry.

All member banks of the UAE Banks Federation have high ethical standards and acknowledge that trust among their customers is essentialto their success.

To this end,in 2013 the Federation adopted a voluntary Code of Conduct for all member banks which set expectedlevels of performance and delivery of services to individuals and small business customers to promote trust and best practice across the industry as a whole. The Code also covers disclosure and principles of conduct, such as a bank’s obligation to disclose terms and conditions, fees and charges, and other information about its banking services.

Customer Charter

This Customer Charter has subsequently been adopted by members of theFederation to provide bank customers in the UAE with clear guidelines about the standards of service they can expect from their banks. It also contains details of the responsibilities of customers to ensure that their own behaviour does not prevent banks from providing secure and appropriate products and services to them. The Charter is a voluntary code which represents the desire of all banks to meet consistently high standards in the services they provide.

Through thisCharter the UAE Banks Federation encourages allmember banks to deliver the highest standards ofcustomer service across their distribution channels and provide high quality and value added financial products and services to customers.

UAE Banks Federation member banks will:
  • know each of their customers as individuals, listen to and understand their personal requirements and offer appropriate products that meet their requirements.
  • act in accordance withAnti-Money Laundering, Counter-Terrorist Financing and Sanctions Compliance,Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption legislation and other banking regulations.
  • provide essential information about the banking products, financial services and credit products which they offer, including documents explaining the product’s terms and conditions, such as details of interest rates and applicable fees.
  • only offer credit ifthey are satisfied that their customers have the capacity to repay and thatit meets their customers’ needs.
  • help customers to choose the simplest and most convenient ways for them to conduct their banking requirements.
  • keepcustomers informed of any changes to the schedule of fees, charges and terms and conditions of a product or service they use.
  • handle enquiries and complaints efficiently and in a timely manner, and welcome suggestions.
  • treat all customers, with respect and integrity, acting at all times in a fair, honest, trustworthy and diligent manner.
  • ensure that customersalways receive accurate and up to date information regarding bank products and services.
  • keep all customer information confidential, using all appropriate means of protection, and only disclose confidential information in accordance with the applicable terms and conditions, law and regulation.
  • provide a safe environment where customers can conduct their banking activities including ensuring the security of internet banking and other electronic channels.
  • maintain and further developthe professional knowledge and skills of their staff.
  • take a reasonable and responsible approach to customers who find themselves in financial difficulties.
Customers of UAE Banks Federation members are urged to:
  • treatstaff and other customers in the bank branches and contact centres with respect and courtesy.
  • treat all bank facilities, equipment and property with due care.
  • assist bank staff to understand their needs and wants clearly by providing the information requested orally or in writing.
  • provide honest and accurate information to their bank, including details about their identity and financial situation and keep the bank updated about any change in relevant personal document or any other change in circumstances.
  • monitor account statements and notify their bank of any activities or entries that are unauthorized.
  • provide clear instructions to their bank, including accurate payment and transfer instructions.
  • take reasonable care to minimise the risk of forgery or fraud, and immediately notify their bank of any unauthorized transactions on their account and/or a lost or stolen card.
  • keep personal information and details secure, such as account numbers, PIN and other access codes.
  • takenecessary precautions for banking transactions over the internet, including installing security software on their computer, smartphone or other device.
  • keep informed of their bank’s policies and procedures and observing these at all times.
  • ensure that they understand specific contract terms and conditionsfor banking products and services before signing any form of agreement. They are not obliged to sign any banking document without due consideration and additional advice if needed or requested.
  • ask their bank to explain anything unclear in contract terms and conditions.
  • comply with the contract and terms and conditions of products and services they use.
The UAE Banks Federation will review this Charter annually to ensure that it still reflects current legislation and the economic climate of the UAE, as well as the developing requirements of the banking industry and its customers.

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